Migrating Landscapes organizer

Migrating Landscapes will be presented by a team known as the Migrating Landscapes Organizer (MLO). This team is led by: Johanna Hurme (Founding Partner, 5468796 Architecture), Sasa Radulovic (Founding Partner, 5468796 Architecture) and Jae-Sung Chon (Instructor, University of Manitoba Faculty of Architecture).

Hurme, Radulovic and Chon each found their way to the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg in the 1990s, though they grew up thousands of miles apart using different languages, and in the context of different cultures, landscapes and architectural settings. In a foreign land, new relationships become critical, and unusual and unfamiliar alliances are formed, tested, developed and cemented. This was also their experience. Gradually shifting from an instructor (Chon) and student (Hurme and Radulovic) relationship to that of colleagues and co-teachers, they have now joined forces for the 2012 Venice Biennale in an unusual but exciting new collaborative relationship: MLO.

5468796 Architecture Inc.

5468796 Architecture is a Winnipeg-based collaborative studio that engages in all aspects and scales of architecture and design. Established in 2007 by Johanna Hurme and Sasa Radulovic, our office unites the diverse knowledge and experience of twelve young professionals, symbolized by the single table that we share. Creativity is our strength. Together we respond to the requirements of our clients, context and program with solutions that delight with their freshness and simplicity. Collectivity is our mandate. Whether that means collaborating with our clients and trades or creating projects that encourage connectivity, we enjoy projects that inspire new perspectives and opportunities

In the past five years 5468796 has designed and completed a number of nationally and internationally recognized architectural projects, which have been featured in various award competitions and publications. Recent recognitions include shortlisted projects for the 2011 World Architecture Festival, PA Awards for Bond Tower and BGBX, an AR Future Projects Award for youCUBE, a Royal Architecture Institute of Canada Award of Excellence for OMS Stage, featured projects in Twenty + Change 02 / 03, and Canadian Architect Awards of Excellence for three consecutive years. 5468796 was one of ten firms featured in the 2011 Design Vanguard issue of Architectural Record, and was selected by the Architectural League of NY to participate in their annual Emerging Voices lecture series. 

Jae-Sung Chon

Jae-Sung Chon currently teaches Environmental Design in the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Manitoba. He has taught architecture internationally since 1996, in Seoul, Tokyo, Shanghai, Berlin and London. Chon has studied Architecture, Architectural Engineering, Housing, and Urbanism in various contexts. He is currently working on a research-based PhD at University College London (UCL) in affiliation with the Department of Geography and the Urban Laboratory at UCL.

Jae-Sung has maintained various forms of design practice since 1995. His works have been recognized in a number of publications including AZURE, DWELL, Canadian Architect and Western Living. He was the founding partner of both DIN Projects and OS1 Architecture/Design. In 2010, Chon initiated S.T.U.F.F. (Studio for Transformative Urban Forms and Fields), an Environmental Design think-tank, to reflect his interests in the broader engagement of design and trans-disciplinary forms of research & practice.