I lived in Bermuda all my life. I quit my desk job one day and said let's move to Toronto! I had never lived in a big city. We found an old row house that was just what I imagined living in the city to be - a small space, wavy floors, the noise of the street, and a bakery next door. We fixed it up a little, found a stream running under the basement floor, and left the coal burning fireplace just the way it was. Most people who find out I moved from Bermuda say 'Wow! Why would you do that!' People in Bermuda who found out I was moving to a cold city said 'Wow! Why would you want to do that!' I wanted to have an adventure, to wake up to something new every day, to be another person. Moving can give you that - its like waking up in a book every day. I would not trade this experience for anything. After I let go of everything in my old life, I see everything differently now, even myself.